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Our Imported and Gluten-Free Food Selections


Teff grain is gluten-free and very healthy. Most of the products we produce in-store are made of teff from various regions of the world, including the United States and Ethiopia. Teff is packed with many nutrients, such as calcium, iron, and more, making our own Alem Injera (traditional Ethiopian flatbread made from teff flour) very nutritious!


Nothing beats the taste of an Ethiopian brew. We carry Kaffa Ethiopian coffee, among other types, which are all sure to show you the benefits of going international with your daily cup of coffee.


If you want to create truly authentic and flavorful dishes, you need authentic ingredients. Your search ends here-- our selection of spices from India, Ethiopia and other regions of the world are sure to help you create culinary masterpieces.


Here at Alem Gebeya, we offer fresh and delicious cuts of meat in our butchery, located within the store. We cut and prepare cuts of goat, beef, chicken, and lamb suitable for traditional Ethiopian as well as other dishes. If you're feeling like having a quick bite to eat, try our traditional Ethiopian beef jerky (quanta), a savory treat with a kick! 


Due to our large premises, we keep various products on hand and offer them to you at just over wholesale, providing you with the best deals in the Alexandria and Metro area! Be sure to pay us a visit so we can show you what World Foods has to offer!